You will get weather information 2h before the jump by SMS

jump day – directions

Before you go to Gryttjom:

So, finally it’s time – Are you feeling the excitement? A few things to remember before you go to Gryttjom. If you have a gift certificate you must bring it for validation, and also an ID. Dogs are welcome at Gryttjom with some restrictions. It’s a stressful environment with a lot of people and a lot of nervousness, so keep your dog on a leash. If you’re unsure, leave your pooch at home. Toilets, café, wifi, playground, basketball court etc, – all is available if you forget something. And remember, alcohol consumption is prohibited at the airfield.


You will find all relevant information regarding the jump in your confirmation e-mail you received when you made your reservation. The time you booked is when we expect you to arrive, no need to be early. Expect to spend around 2 hours at the drop zone.


There’s no point in calling us the day before the jump. At that point we don’t know if tomorrow is jumpable or not, and we have no better forecasts than what you find online.

In the morning we can evaluate the what the local weather is and make decisions. Low cloud cover, continuous rain or winds stronger than 11 m/s keep us on the ground. We ask for your understanding if the jump is postponed or cancelled due to weather. But we do everything we can to avoid any unnecessary travelling on your part.

Weather OK = Confirmation – Lets go!

The contact listed in your reservation will receive an SMS no later than 2 hours before your time slot. If you have to leave home earlier than this, or haven’t received it 2 hours before, call customer service at 08-410 458 67. Make sure you confirm your slot before you leave for Gryttjom to avoid any unnecessary trips.

Can I find something to eat in Gryttjom?

We have a small café serving snacks and cold drinks. The café is open whenever we jump.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

Can I pay for my jump in Gryttjom?

Yes, you can pay for your jump, photos and/or video, in Gryttjom.

Can we bring our own picknick?

Yes you can, there are several picknick tables you can use and large grass areas if you want to get really close to where the skydivers land. There is also a large veranda with tables. Please remember that we have a strict no alcohol policy, and help us keep Gryttjom clean.

During my first skydive, am I insured?

When you skydive in Stockholm Skydiving Club you are insured through Säkra, the insurance company of the Swedish Parachute association. For more information (in Swedish) See for more details.

When I make a reservation, can I put someone else as contact?

Yes, however, make sure the information is correct for final confirmations and weather decisions. You also have to make sure that the person knows about the jump day procedures and finds his/her way to Gryttjom.

Can I bring my smartphone or GoPro during the jump?

No, due to safety reasons, tandem jumpers aren’t allowed to bring any “distractions” in free fall. If you want pictures or film of the experience, look thru the options we provide. Photographer or Hand camera.

A friend of mine suddenly decided to join me in Gryttjom, can my friend buy a "drop-in slot" jump with some kind of Photography in Gryttjom?

Even if you are already on your way to Gryttjom, always give us a call so that we know of your friend. Most of the time the day is fully booked, but sometimes slots open up. To find a photographer is more difficult last minute. Hand Camera a little easier. We will try to fit your friend in but can’t guarantee anything.

Can I add some kind of photography to my reservation in Gryttjom?

We can’t guarantee that there are any available options once you come to Gryttjom. Sometimes it can be solved by switching slots. Of course we try to accomodate your wishes but it’s usually a little tricky.  The only way to be sure is to make the reservation well in advance.

Do you offer group discounts?

No, we don’t offer discounts for larger groups, students or companies.

Directions to the dropzone in Gryttjom

GPS-coordinates: N 60 17 18, E 017 25 30


Take the E4 north, past Uppsala. Take the exit towards Månkarbo (exit 192). Go north thru Månkarbo, past the ostrich farm “Strutsfarmen”, a few kilometers to Gryttjom. From the Gryttjom intersection there are signs to ”Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb”. It’s roughly a 1,5 hour drive from Stockholm, 40 minutes from Uppsala.


Take the E4 south. Take the exit towards Tierp (exit 193), turn right on RV292 towards Söderfors. After a few kilometers turn left on the old highway towards Uppsala. A few kilometers south of “Tierps Kyrkby” you will reach the Gryttjom intersection. From there, there are signs towards “Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb”.


Bus 821 services Uppsala-Tierp and back. Ask the busdriver to drop you at the Gryttjom intersection, the bus stop is called “Gryttjom Södra”. From there it’s a 3 kilometer walk, so call Customer Service at 08-410 458 67 and we will pick you up. Good websites to plan your bus- or train trip are or or


Check out Gryttjom Airport for more information.