Welcome to northern Europe´s biggest dropzone


In our warm community in Gryttjom, the joy of skydiving and your skills will grow. Learn from the best coaches and make new friends both in the air and around the bonfire.

We are a large and devoted group running Scandinavia’s largest skydiving club. Annually, we make about 25,000 jumps, 2,000 tandems and train 60 students between May and October. In Gryttjom voluntary work goes hand-in-hand with a professionally organized and operated drop zone. Some of the best skydivers in the world come here to spread their knowledge. That means you can develop your skills to unforeseen levels with an awesome group of people.

Throughout the season we arrange camps for all skill levels, where rookies can become experienced and pros can aim for the stars. Regardless of your nationality, home drop zone or skill level, you are most welcome. We offer you canopy flying, rookie camps, freeflying, formation skydiving, wingsuiting, swooping, track jumps, big ways and lot of warmhearted and good times around the bonfire and in the sauna.

Faster, harder, Gryttjom!

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4,000 m 195 SEK 195 SEK
1,500 m 135 SEK 135 SEK
Accommodation Free 30 SEK
Camping tent/trailer Free 30 SEK
Rig rental (per jump) 80 SEK 80 SEK


Come to the manifest with your license, rig, reserve journal, and contact information.Then weigh yourself with equipment, top off your jump account and BAM you’re ready to go! It’s that simple. But here’s some advise to make it even easier. Try to check in first thing in the morning or the evening before, in the middle of the day. It can be difficult for the manifest to have time to take proper care of you, especially in the weekends.

Make sure you have all numbers and info available and it will be a quick process. We weigh all jumpers, every season, with full equipment, so bring your rig, helmet, cameras and suits that you will be using. Make sure you are properly briefed on the routines of jumping in Gryttjom. Just ask the the jump leader or some other experienced jumpers. More info in “NEW DZ – NEW ROUTINES”.


In Gryttjom there are 2 large bunkhouses, “Övre” and “Nedre”. In Övre there are four rooms in the middle of the building, and in Nedre another 16 rooms. Each room has four beds with mattresses so if you bring a pillow and sleeping bag or sheets you’ll be snug as a bug. If you are a student on a beginner’s course, a hired coach, judge or something similar you can reserve a bed, for everyone else it’s first come first serve. When you leave your bedroom make sure it’s a little bit nicer than when you arrived.


Please read the following information before jumping in Sweden: Information for foreign license holders jumping in Sweden


It is not always easy to come to a new drop zone with all the new procedures and rules, especially if you are new to the sport. Don’t worry, most routines are actually quite similar between DZ’s. Just give yourself some time to figure out how it works in Gryttjom and you’ll be just fine. Our aircraft, Erik-Erik, takes up to 24 jumpers. That is why it can sometimes appear quite crowded in the air, and around the landing area. We have a couple of maps that provides a good overview over the surroundings. They will help you get a good sense of where you will be jumping off, hang under your canopy and how you best can plan for your landing. NOTE! The Swoop Pond is off limits from full altitude. It may only be used from low hop n pops.


Stockholm Skydiving Club owns and operates a DHC-6-300 Twin Otter named Erik-Erik that brings 24 jumpers to 4000 meters in about 13 minutes.


Your jump account needs funds already deposited in order to manifest. There are two ways to go about putting money into your account. Either pay by credit card at the manifest (Note, the manifest does Not take cash!) or, if you are already registered in Gryttjoms SkyWin, you can pay via our online site https://insidan.skydive.se*

* Insidan – You automatically get an account set up here when you register at Gryttjom. Through you can transfer money to your account, see your log book and follow Sky view (our page for current loads and calls).


Forgot your rig at home? Or maybe you haven’t had time to acquire one yet. In any case, we do have rigs for rent. We have four sport rigs (canopy sizes between 168-210) for rent that you check out at the manifest. Note that if the sport rigs are rented out or you need a bigger canopy, you might be able to rent a student rig (But students have dibs on those). The sport rentals are checked out and checked in unpacked. If you have to pull the reserve, you are liable for the repacking (700 SEK). Provided that all parts have been found. Also be aware that you are responsible for the rig until returned. Rentals cannot be prebooked, it’s first come first served.


In the club house there is a collection of second hand jumps suits and helmets for sale by members. Rigs and canopies for sale are usually listed on the notice board in the packing area.


Besides the packing area inside the club house, other areas for packing are outdoor on the grass – there are several green tarps you can pull out on the lawn. The packers employed by the club mostly takes care of the tandems but sometimes the have some extra time. Usually there are more packers in Gryttjom so ask around to figure out who they are and if they have time for you.


Gryttjom has a well equipped rigging loft and usually several riggers on site at the drop zone. However there is no rigger “on-duty”. Just ask around to see if anyone is available if you need help with anything. If you are a rigger visiting our club and need to use the facilities, ask a local rigger for procedures.


Stockholm Skydiving Club does not offer any skydiving beginner courses in English. However, several times every season we host groups of students and instructors from other drop zones. They come to get the bulk of student jumps in a larger, quicker aircraft at a low cost. If you are interested in a similar arrangement contact info@skydive.se and we will figure out how we can help you.


We have had a swoop pond in Gryttjom since 2013. It measures 80 m long, 25 m wide and about 1 m deep. And yes, it is approved for competitions. Several Nordic and Swedish championships have been held here. The pond has softened edges, and except for the zone precision course it is completely surrounded by soft grass. There are no obstacles in case of bailout. There are also buoys and markings available for speed and distance practice. The pond can only be used if you jump from a lower altitude and you are listed on the load sheet as “pond 1500”.


New in Gryttjom? You have to prove proficiency in swooping, and arrange to have someone known in Gryttjom as a reference or have a local swooper/instructor give you a briefing to assure us of your level of experience.


We encourage all of our members to compete and improve themselves in skydiving. With a large aircraft and jumping 7 days a week during the high season, there are great opportunities for teams or individuals who want to practice their skills a little or a lot more. We offer low jump runs for swoopers and precision jumpers. During weekdays we go back to back all day for those who wants to jump a lot. There’s room in Gryttjom for FS-teams, freeflyers, CF-teams swoopers and everything in between. We have mockups, creeper areas indoors and outdoors, breifing station and if there’s room we can offer you a team room.

Besides our local teams and competitors we regularly host teams and competitors from around Scandinavia and northern Europe coming to Gryttjom for practice. As a visiting team or individual you can apply for a “team deal” that gives you discounts for practice jumps at different levels. Contact info@skydive.se if you want to know more or if you’re ready to plan your training sessions in Gryttjom. If you have specific dates or requests, let us know as early as possible and it will be easier to arrange so that you get the week and specifics you want.


In Gryttjom you will find plenty of knowledge in almost every discipline. However we do not have any coaches on staff or on contract. If you want coaching, check out our different camps or ask around in Gryttjom about who might help you improve in your area.


There are plenty of cabins and caravans in Gryttjom that are owned by members. The club doesn’t arrange any second hand rentals, but it is not unusual that members do this themselves. If you bring your own caravan or camper van there are a few spots around the old flight club, by the north end of the runway. Ask around where it’s suitable to park your caravan. To pitch a tent is suitable around the hangar by the old flight club, but remember that the aircraft sometimes taxis by and they can easily blow your tent away.


If you’re not a jumper with a Swedish license, please read and fill out the following waiver before your arrival to our DZ.
Check in waiver foreign license holders


Last, but not least, don’t forget to check if you are on the cleaning list towards the end of the day. Being a volunteer club we don’t have any hired cleaning staff to pick up our mess. So if you are picked, help us out making sure Gryttjom looks great tomorrow as well.