Information for pilots

gryttjom airport


  • In KSAK´s “Svenska Flygfält” you will find updated airport information.
  • Our aircraft reports “2 minutes to drop” and “paradropping in progress” or “drop complete”. This means that in a few moments the airspace over Gryttjom is filled with colorful parachutes.
  • You will get assistance, you might be asked to hold at a distance of 3-5 NM.
  • In this case, hold at a 1000ft on a 3-5NM final to the active runway and “sneak” in behind one of our landing aircraft which comes in very steep, normally turning base at 4000ft.


  • There is a “jump sector” established with a radius of 8 NM from Gryttjom. We receive information from ACC Sweden regarding approaching traffic, identified and often unidentified.
  • We demand that you maintain radio contact at the Gryttjom frequency 123.40. Our pilots have delegated responsibility from ACC Sweden to maintain local separation. It´s always a good idea to call our aircraft when nearing the sector.
  • If you are unable to contact our aircraft, call “Jump Leader Gryttjom” when approaching, chances are we are on the ground loading jumpers.
  • Again, radio contact is essential. Our pilots speak Swedish and English.


  • The parking area is by the old hangars at the northern part of the complex.
  • Nearest available fuel is at the old Tierp Airbase ESKT, 4 NM to the north. (
  • There is a club café at the airfield which is open when we jump. There you will find coffee, ice cream, soda, cookies and snacks for you and your passengers.
  • A cup of coffee and the latest aviation-gossip for visiting pilots is on the house!
  • Chief Pilot – Classe Pehrsson, 070-576 84 71, e-mail

Our aircrafts

We own a DeHavilland Canada DHC 6-300 “Twin Otter”, SE-GEE. “Erik Erik” is Swedens largest jump plane and our most precious gem, first one in the air in the morning and last one to land in the evening. She takes 24 jumpers to 4.000m in about 15 minutes.

Usually, we have an extra flight capacity during all or part of the season. Over the years, we have had visits from several different types of aircraft and helicopters, later a Cessna 208B from Germany, but sometimes we only operate our own aircraft.

Our airfield

The aviation tradition at ESKG Gryttjom goes back to World War 2. The airfield was established as “Krigsflygfält 13” and many interesting objects still remain. You will find several “ladvärn”, a shrapnel proofed hangar camouflaged as a barn and many remains of defense installations, foxholes, anti aircraft bunkers and pillboxes.

In 1966 a flight club was established in Gryttjom but in 2007 they moved to ESKT, the disused Tierp Airbase. Since then Stockholms Skydiving Club is the only operator at the airfield. The field is privately owned and leased by the club.

Our Pilots

Flying skydivers is an enormous challenge, we fly with maximum climb performance to 13.200 ft and aim for a precision of 0.01 NM on jump run. We count seconds when flying. When everything works out the joy and appreciation from the jumpers is a warming reward.

Our pilots are “normal people” who enjoys flying, and who does this for no profit. The basic requirement to fly skydivers with turboprop aircraft is 500 flight hours. We also require that you have previous experience from skydiving operations or a DHC-6 rating with sufficient experience.

But the most important qualification is that you are the right person, that you enjoy the non-profit, club environment, have a passion for flying and are open to the idea of trying out a skydive!